5 HTP vs St Johns Wort

I read a very interesting article the other day at https://evonutrition.com/blogs/news/5-htp-vs-st-johns-wort which made me think twice about a more natural way for people to treat their depression.

St Johns Wort is the one I’ve always known about and yet this article has made me realize the benefits of taking 5 HTP instead.

Think about the choices – you can either go with a doctor prescribed medication which has many side effects including things like becoming addicted or you can perhaps look for a natural alternative – in this case one such as either of these two supplements.

I personally think that on their own they are not a single hit solution as numbing your brain using drugs is no alternative to actually problem solving and meditation.

However, times of stress and for particularly people of a nervous dissposition may need that extra little boost to help calm their nerves (so to speak). In the case of 5 HTP this boosts the seratonin levels which in turn level the playing field that fried nerves seem to create and therefore allow for a more settled approach to problem solving.

I won’t go deeply into the benefits of 5 HTP as they are covered in the article, in particular this is a comparison of 5 htp VS St Johns Wort and both have their benefits as well as pitfalls.

Ultimately though the site from which the post originated (Evo Nutrition) seem pretty good. They are based in the UK which is useful in terms of shipping times (assuming you too are in the UK) and the prices seem reasonable.

They do sell 5 HTP here if you want to have a look. Looking around the website there seems to be a good deal of information regarding the benefits of 5 HTP and Griffonia Seed Extract, which is what the 5 HTP contains.

Check it out and leave your feedback below.

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