Ellesmere Port & Learning to drive

Driving lessons in Ellesmere Port are easy to come by. There are so many driving schools that can choose from that it’s often overwhelming.

Ellesmere Port isn’t even that big either, so if you were to start looking further afield (driving lessons on the Wirral is one example) then you could be forgiven for thinking that you now have too much choice.

But I think what you will find is that people want to learn with a local instructor, big companies, big national companies are great I’m sure but perhaps may lack a personal touch. The instructor for a start is likely part of a franchise, which in my personal experience means they want the joys of being self employed without the risk of having to find each step themselves whilst all of the time falling down and having to learn the business ropes as they progress.

There is nothing wrong with this except for the fact that after a few years it becomes just another job. There is no incentive to try and grow the business further and if this does happen it usually means that the instructor now wants to branch off on their own.

This, in part, explains why there are so many local driving companies but also why they are arguably better than the big franchises.

A local instructor has the drive to succeed and this really does come down to the customer service they provide and the feedback they get. Think about it. Would you go with an instructor without speaking with them first? Would you research them and their school of motoring?

Most people take a recommendation but the public reviews left in Google and Facebook etc do count for something. Sure, you can occassionally get disgruntles customers but most people can see past this if the majority of the other reviews are great.

So, back to Ellesmere Port. If you are looking for an instructor the link above will take you to arguably the best driving school around. Quail’s are a nice blend of national feel with local style. They are not the only local driving school to have this, nor are they the biggest but I’ll leave it up to you decide based upon customer reviews.

You could of course, take a chance. You may end up switching instructors after a while so make sure that you go with a school of motoring that comes with recommendations from friends and family but also do your homework with regard to their general feedback as this can play a key and very important role.

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